Friends of Eramosa karst sample letter

Sample letter: BELOW:

Write a letter to Ontario Realty Corporation attention Davis Glass
please copy Brad Clark for records at:
Take the time to e-mail, mail or fax a letter of support for this cause.
Copy, the following letter Edit to personalize and send ASAP

The Friends of Eramosa Karst thank you !

Premier Dalton McGuinty
Legislative Building
Queen's Park
Toronto On M7A 1A1

David H. Glass
President and CEO
Ontario Realty Corporation
Ferguson Block, 11 Floor
77 Wellesley St. West
Toronto ON M7A 2G3


_____(your name)______________urge the Province of Ontario to ensure that 36 hectares of land east of the Eramosa Karst in upper Stoney Creek is protected from development and used as a parkland.

As you know, in 2006 the Province gave 73 hectares of Karst land to the Hamilton Region conservation Authority so that