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All photos have be provided for educational and awareness purposes on behalf of FOTEK, Commercial use of any Photo is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from Friends of Eramosa Karst. Enjoy the photos here and refer others to view them from our web site.

View Report Photos
Take a look at the photo's from Buck, M.J., S.R.H. Worthington and D.C. Ford. 2003. Earth Science Inventory and Evaluation of the Eramosa Karst Area of Natural and Scientific Interest. to gain a better understanding of the unique features of the caves and karsts, water flows and more.

view Mc Master Outdoors Club - Caving in Eramosa Karst

The Beauty of the Karst - Photos courtesy of Nature Photographer - Karl Schwarze

FOTEK Spaghetti Dinner April 2008
A Great Success Beyond Expectation
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FEB 2009 Dinner Dance

View Winter Walk slides

Turtle/ Wild TurkeyPhotos

Nexus Cave Clean up Aug 08


Photos - Mar 5 Dinner Dance2011

Photos - Flora and Fauna 2011

Aug 14 2010 -Supported Appreciation Day 

April 2010 Family Tree Planting, & Cave Clean Up 

Eramosa Karst Video Library
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CHCH news at Noon
courtesy: CHCH July 9 2008
Interview with Matt Hayes at Eramosa Karst Conservation Area, with FOTEK as aired on CHCH news at noon.

CHCH news Aug 2009-long ear owl

Friends of the Eramosa Karst
courtesy: Urban Cut Jan-2008
Interview and tour with FOTEK and city councillor as aired on Cable 14

Why expand the Eramosa Karst?
by FOTEK April 2008
This video shows the effects of developing the feeder land on the hydrology of the delicate ecosystem of the Karst.

Eramosa Karst Winter Scenes
by FOTEK dec 2008
Tour the beautiful caves and karst features found in the Hamilton escarpment in Stoney Creek. This video shows the karst features and provides some information on why the area is at risk

Eramosa Karst-Potruff Cave-Don't Stop the Water!
by FOTEK Feb 2008
The video below shows the water flow that naturally occurs in just one area of the Eramosa Karst. It is the flow of water over hundreds of years that has created the beautiful cave formations. The feeder streams need to be preserved, if the land is developed this natural area or scientific interest will be compromised.Help us keep the water flowing.

Eramosa Karst Videos
courtesy: Hamilton Conservation Authority
Take a video tour of the karst features. Marcus Buck, Hamilton karst expert and co-author of the report that helped turn the karst property into a provincial Area of Natural and Scientific Interest, leads us on a video exploration of the karst geological features that will be interpreted when the property is developed into Hamilton’s newest conservation area. (Video production courtesy of Van Valkenburg Communications).

Karst Introduction - (501 KB)
What is a karst? -
(883 KB)
What is an ANSI? -
(555 KB)
Why should the karst area be preserved? -
(622 KB)
What is a sinkhole? -
(919 KB)
Nexxus Cave -
(1,024 KB)
Key features of the karst area -
(735 KB)
Pottruff and Nexxus Caves -
(752 KB)
Other features of the karst area
- (1,078 KB)

Eramosa Karst
Coutesy: Mohawk College TV

November 2006

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