June 7, 2012
On behalf of the Board of FOTEK (Friends of the Eramosa Karst), I would like to thank everyone who has shared the vision of an expanded Eramosa Karst Conservation Area, finally becoming a reality.

With the inclusion of the adjacent feeder lands, the complete Conservation Area will encompass 270 acres. The new lands include the entire Nexus Catchment, which is one of the last undeveloped sub-water areas in east Hamilton. This will allow for the hydro-geological integrity of the Eramosa Karst lands to remain intact.

FOTEK will continue with its community work to educate the public, help with tree planting and various other projects within the Eramosa Karst Conservation Area as they arise. The additional lands will allow for expanded trails and natural areas, maintained by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

FOTEK supports all the recent announcements and applauds those who have worked to achieve the important results of not only protecting the land, but also including it as part of the Eramosa Karst Conservation Area for future generations to enjoy.

This is all great news for the land and the many species of trees, plants and wildlife that flourish here, and for the people of Hamilton and Ontario as a whole.

Please visit our web site for further announcements, and to view the new Mission Statement.

Brad Gautreau
Chair, FOTEK