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Where is the Eramosa Karst Conservation area?
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What area is FOTEK working to protect?
Map of Area- study area view Map of feeder lands

Information About the Eramosa Karst & Area

"Only since 1998 has the Eramosa Karst landscape, south of Highland Road in Stoney Creek, come to be appreciated and protected for its natural features.
This is an escarpment area of limestone with underground drainage, cavities and passages. It's considered the best example of a karst created in Ontario after the last glaciers retreated. Its features include sinkholes, vertical shafts, springs, disappearing streams and the 335-metre long Nexus cave, 10th longest in Ontario."
(Hamilton spectator

Hamilton's Official Plan

Friends of the Eramosa Karst give thanks, and congratulations to city council for passing the official plan July 2009. Hamilton's Mayor Eisenberger and City Council have designated the feeder area shown in the map as "Natural Heritage Core" "to be protected" giving new hope that the feeder lands will be protected from further development. Congratulations to all city staff, and all involved in supporting this important planning document, thank you for your support!

Link to City Map 2009

FOTEK. INC -July 2009 Friends of the Eramosa Karst became incorporated! Special thanks for everyone involved in ensuring the long-term vitality of our group's efforts.

The Eramosa Karst, an urban karst park in Hamilton, Ontario
National Speleological Society (NSS) news -April 2008
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What is a Karst?

Eramosa Karst fact Sheet (HCA) -pdf

Why surrounding land needs to be protected

Eramosa Karst -designated an ANSI

Hamilton Conservation Authority

Natural Heritage Information

Map of Karst Area current boundaries

Map of the Area showing feeder streams

Map of Proposed Collector Road

Planning and Economic Development - Sept 2007

New Collector Road Proposals in the area Jan. 2006

City Planning - Dec 2006

UTube- Video of Karst

View video exploration of the karst geological features that will be interpreted when the property is developed into Hamiltonís newest conservation area. (to View videos open above link and scroll down to Eramosa Karst Videos)

Misconceptions About Caves and Karst:
Common Problems and Educational Solutions

Attractions Ontario

Ministry of Tourism

Ministry of Natural Resources: Original Protection 2003
Eves government protects Stoney Creek Karst Features -Aug 2003"This site has the largest number of unique karst features in any single area in the province," said (Natural Resources Minister Jerry)Ouellette. "We all recognize the importance of protecting the features and safeguarding portions of the land for public use."

Provincial Significant Area of Natural and Scientific Interest • The Eramosa Karst contains examples of 16 different karst features. This karst type and the seven provincially significant features - including caves, dry valleys, soil pipes, solution shafts, sinking streams and overflow sinks - are not found anywhere else in Ontario within protected areas.

• The surface and groundwater drainage system that created the karst originated about 13,000 years ago, after the last glacier retreated in this part of the province. Today, the drainage system sustains the karst and provides examples of karst processes and features in different stages of development.

• It is believed that the Eramosa Karst is the best site in Ontario for teaching about karst features and processes. The diversity of features within a compact area, the simplicity of the developing karst systems, its location within the province's Golden Horseshoe, and the interest and support already expressed by landowners, the community and the province present both education and research opportunities

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