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10 Newborn Baby Swing Safety Precautions

A baby swing is the ideal means to soothe and calm a newborn baby. The gentle rocking, swaying motion imitates the motion that baby experienced in the womb and frees mom, dad or a caregiver to take care of other tasks.

However, it is extremely important to implement the following safety precautions to prevent accidents and ensure that baby is safe, secure and comfortable while using the newborn swing:

1. Manufacturer’s Instructions

It is important to read and understand the manufacturer’s user manual, instructions, and safety precautions. Only use the newborn baby swing as intended by the manufacturer and according to their instructions.

2. Baby Swing Placement

The baby swing should never be placed on an elevated (high or raised) surface such as a counter-top, table, chair, bed, etc. This presents a hazard of the baby falling from a height should the baby swing topple for any reason. Although quality baby swings are manufactured to prevent toppling over, there is always a risk.

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3. Weight Limit

Be aware of the weight limit of the baby swing and do not exceed this. Pets and siblings should not be allowed to climb into the swing with the infant.

4. Safety Harness

Baby should always be secured safely in the baby swing using the safety harness provided. Do not use any other means to secure or tie the baby into the swing. Check the harness for damage and make sure the clip is secure.

5. Supervision

Do not leave baby unattended in the swing. Stay in an area where baby can be seen and the swing reached quickly in the event of an emergency. Do not leave siblings or other children in charge of monitoring baby.

6. Blankets And Toys

Do not place any toys or blankets in the swing. Toys pose a choking hazard whereas blankets can suffocate baby. Rather ensure that baby is dressed warmly and invest in a swing that has toys or other features to entertain baby while in the newborn baby swing.

7. Time Limit

Baby should not be left in the swing for an extended period of time. A maximum time limit of 30 minutes with a 30-minute break in between is recommended. If the baby falls asleep in the swing, transfer them to a suitable sleeping surface.

8. Reclining

Baby should be reclined as far back as possible to prevent spilling out the front of the swing.

9. Secondhand Swings

It is recommended not to buy a secondhand or used newborn baby swing. The swing may be damaged or the safety and security features compromised. This type of damage may not be noticeable.

10. Recalls

Take note of recalls from the manufacturer. Recalls happen when a design is faulty, the swing was not manufactured according to safety standards or another fault has been found in the manufacturing process.

It is important to note that while these precautions should be adhered to, infant baby swings are largely designed to be safe when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so make sure to get all the basic knowledge on before buying and using for safety.

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